What do we do?

Colegio de Cirujanos Plásticos, Estéticos y Reconstructivos de Baja California A.C.


The College of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Baja California A.C. has the purpose of informing the population of the different treatments and surgical procedures in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Having accurate and updated information makes a huge difference in such a complex decision, remember that the most important thing is your health.

Let us listen to your doubts and together we will find the right and safe option for your case, in the hands of certified plastic surgeons.

CCPERBC Board of Directors

Dra. Carmina Cárdenas


Dr. Ricardo Vega

Vice President

Dr. Ulises Góngora


Dr. Miguel Ángel Parra​


Want to be part of CCPERBC?

Being a member provides great benefits to plastic surgery professionals in Mexico, since they receive the best support under three essential concepts: